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The Western Imperialists formerly known as White Label Music (WLM), announced today that they had been successfully targeted by a hostile bid by The Supreme Leader of The  Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un.

The Label, which was founded in 2002 by recidivist, capitalist running dogs, Ann Shenton (add n to x) and Marc Hunter were alerted to the suspected coup when invited to sing a rousing chorus of the patriotic song,  "Let Morning Shine". at their annual AGM.

Although initially disappointed, the former owners have pledged to work with the new General Secretary to deliver a more balanced Marxist/Leninist catalogue.

'Our party took firm measures to get rid of a faction of sewage that permeated the label. Our unity strengthened hundredfold and party and revolutionary lines became much more solid by purging the anti-party and anti-revolutionary faction within WLM'.

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